What are CTF ? Best beginner Guide to CTF 2022

So today I will introduce you to one of my favorite hobbies, that is playing ctf’s competitions. Sometimes solving a ctf challenge can be hard but it is an awesome feeling .So now let’s see what are ctf’s and what type of challenges are in ctf’s.

What are CTF’s?

CTF or Capture The Flag competitions are Cybersecurity related competitions in which contestants have to solve challenges related to different fields of cybersecurity and by solving this challenges , we will find a certain piece of text , which are known as Flag and by submitting these flags we get points and at the last person or team with most points wins the CTF.

Different CTF’s has different levels of difficulties varying from beginner level to advance levels. So , you can chose which ctf to play according to your skill set. They typically offers various prices like cash prize , different certification’s voucher, merchandise, course vouchers etc.

A example of CTF challange
A example of CTF challange

Types of Challenges in CTF’s

Basic Jeopardy style ctf are basically divided into this categories –

  • Web – Exploiting websites or webpages to find flags.
  • Pwn or Binary – Exploiting binary files to find flags.
  • Reverse engineering – reverse engineering software’s to find flags.
  • Steganography – Find hidden flags in files ,images and audio files.
  • Cryptography- Finding flags hidden using different encryption methods.
  • Digital Forensics – Finding flags in Disk images , files, memory Dumps etc.

Where to Find upcoming CTF’s ?

The website to find Latest CTFs and their write ups and other information related to them is – ctftime.org

Where To practice For CTF’s?

There are various Platforms where you can practice your skills , before going to live ctf’s from ctftime.org , Some of the major platforms are –


So , at last i will like wish a good luck to you for your Future adventures in field of cybersecurity And Want to Thank you for reading My First Blog and if you Have suggestions or Some question you can comment below.

Have a nice day : ) .

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